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About David Gilmore: Currently I am the multimedia and marketing specialist for the Tucson Village Farm where I manage their website, generate video and photo content as well as work as their graphic designer producing t-shirts, brochures, display posters and brochures.

I have been a professional photographer since 1980 and a graphic designer since 1990. I taught computer graphics at 2 schools (Media Alliance and Center for Electronic Art) in San Francisco, and was Art Director of Gnosis Magazine working with underground cartoonist legend Jay Kinney for 4 years. In 1996, I founded the Digital Design Factory in San Francisco with designer Rob Upchurch. My clients have included Apple Computer, Alameda County Waste Management, Marin Municipal Water, StopWaste.Org, the Bay-Friendly Coalition, Sonoma County, Sacramento County. My photography has been published in Male Bonding by the FotoFactory (1998) as well as the New York Times travel section (2010). In 2006, I wrote and designed Homosteading at the Nineteenth Parallel, a humorous account of my adventure building my “nightmare dream house” in Hawaii. Currently I maintain a car-free, solar powered home and office in Tucson, Arizona and frequently travel to the Bay Area of California.

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